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November, 2017

Words and music by JP Paulsen

Produced by JP Paulsen, Eivind Kløverød and Georg Storhaug

Executive producers: JP Paulsen and Arne Aronsen

Recorded by JP Paulsen in a booth and a barn, Eivind Kløvrød in MyTown Recording Studio in Vestfossen,

and  Georg Storhaug in Bezzerwizzer Studio in Fredrikstad

Mixed by Georg Storhaug in Bezzerwizzer Studio in Fredrikstad

Mastered by Njål Frode Lie in Hydrogenparken Studio in Notodden

Performed by

JP Paulsen - lead vocals, piano and keyboards

Annsofi - lead vocals

Georg Storhaug - Wurlitzer and acoustic and electric guitars

Finn Tore Tokle - bass

Eivind Kløverød - drums and percussion

Cover photo by Tone Fredén

Cover design by JP Paulsen

© 2017 Soundbay Records


I'm here again, I've been here before

My legs are hurting and my soles, they are sore

Looking for roses again

I've been looking for roses since then

I've seen the thorns, and I've felt them too

It's as if they're trying to warn me 'bout you

I feel myself coming close

As the sweetest of scents fill my nose

If life is more than a merry-go-round

If roses still find their way through the ground

I wanna feel you

Even if I have to steal you

My legs are hurting, but I don't feel no pain

My soles are sore, but they're not sore in vain

I fell in love with you

I believe you're in love with me too

© JP Paulsen (TONO)

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