Written by JP Paulsen and Kenneth Gutterup


I'm a dream I'm a loner

As it seems I'm a goner

For your fruit

Let me pick it 'cause it looks so cute

Let's go feel the rhythm of my love

What I've got inside to show

Come on baby won't you let it blow

You're so cute

But you're forbidden fruit

And I'll be doomed to failure if I eat

But you're so hot

All that I need you've got

Even if I get burn marks by your heat

I've been taught

That life is way too short

To keep away from everything that's wrong

The way it rolls

Soon we'll be grey and old

We need to live our lives while we are young

I'm a dream...

Let's break rules

And live like happy fools

The saddest peeps are people always right

So let's be proud

It's time to live out loud

'Cause when we die we're destined to keep quiet

I've been taught...

I'm a dream...

© 2013 - 2020 JP Paulsen. All rights reserved.

Design: JP Paulsen. Background photo: Thomas Sandfield