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June, 2017

Words and music by JP Paulsen

Produced by JP Paulsen and Eivind Kløverød

Executive producers: JP Paulsen and Arne Aronsen

Recorded by JP Paulsen in a living room and a loft, and Eivind Kløvrød in MyTown Recording Studio in Vestfossen

Mixed by Eivind Kløverød in MyTown Recording Studio in Vestfossen

Mastered by Njål Frode Lie in Hydrogenparken Studio in Notodden

Performed by

JP Paulsen - lead and backing vocals, piano, organ, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, accordion, ukulele and percussion

Finn Tore Tokle - bass

Eivind Kløverød - percussion

Cover photo by Thomas Sandfield

Cover design by JP Paulsen

© 2017 Soundbay Records


There is a river that's flowing

Outside my window

Nobody knows where it's going

Only those who follow

I wanna feel the ocean

I wanna touch the shore

There is always more to be explored

It's true

I'll live for real this time

There's trails that I must find

And mountains I must climb

To get view

Of a world of great design

Waiting out my door

To be explored

Life's an expedition


I live my life in the city

Yeah I love the urban

But when my life ain't no pretty

Then it's quite disturbing


The mountains always whisper

The cities always roar

All you're looking for

We have in store

For you


It's true...

© JP Paulsen (TONO)

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