Written by Gini, JP Paulsen and Ronny Jansen

Back in the high school a few years later

Time for reunion

Like in a movie when

You put together the troublemaker

The pretty horse girl and all in between

Now the smart ass geek

They considered weak

He's grown up and conquered the girl

And I feel so good

And I feel so good



And I can see your smile

I can see it in your eyes



Back in the classroom a few tears later

The corridor

Is as worn as before

Yet I notice a change all those cocksure haters

Ain't in position to hurt me no more

'Cause the girl who then

Wasn't one of them

She's grown up and conquered the world

And I feel so good...

A boy and a girl

Scared of facing the world

We were meant to go wrong

But now we're fearless and strong

Who would have thought we'd end up as lovers

There's more to this world the clouds above us

And I feel so good..

© 2013 - 2020 JP Paulsen. All rights reserved.

Design: JP Paulsen. Background photo: Thomas Sandfield