Written by Annsofi Klevfoss and JP Paulsen


We were young and not afraid

You took my hand and off we sailed

Into a world of golden dreams

But things ain't always as it seems

One day I couldn't see you

As I woke from the dream only we knew

I wanna sail across the sea just one more time

Into the sunset and see if you're doing fine

Oh God oh oh oh God

What am I supposed to believe

When everyone around is taken away by the wind

I'm just a child nothing more

I don't know what I'm living for

So God please tell  me before I go

Before I go

Sometimes I find it hard to understand

That even precious diamonds are only made of sand

Now I'm sailing all alone across the sea

In a boat that was made for you and me

Oh God...

They say we're all in this together

Then why am I alone

They say time change all things to better

But my heart has turned to stone

They say a strong house survives all weather

But your heart was my home

I don't know where to address this letter

'Cause my heart was your home

Oh God...

© 2013 - 2020 JP Paulsen. All rights reserved.

Design: JP Paulsen. Background photo: Thomas Sandfield